Selling a Rent Roll is Easier with QLD Rent Roll Brokers
Selling a rent roll? Click here for Qld Rent Roll Brokers’ forms and documents to help get you started.
selling a rent roll
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QLD Rent Roll Brokers Makes Selling a Rent Roll Easier

If you’re considering selling a rent roll, remember what we’ve all heard before (and what you would say to your own vendors): “Never try to be your own agent when selling!” It’s always best to leave it to a third party and remove yourself from the negotiating table. QLD Rent Roll Brokers offers a professional service operating as a third party to negotiate the best deal for you when selling a rent roll or real estate business.


The forms and documents provided below will help to get you started and will prepare you for what to expect when listing your rent roll or real estate agency for sale.



We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us for a confidential discussion your requirements. We’d love to help!

Selling your rent roll or real estate agency doesn’t need to be stressful. Let QLD Rent Roll Brokers take care of it for you.